Bridge To Hope Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, which is in the fundraising stage to obtain our first home.


Our Mission:

Restore lives.

After finishing rehab, many ask “What’s the next step?” Bridge to Hope is here to answer that.


Relapse after rehab is a real problem

The untold story of many is that even after a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, former addicts who are left alone, without a place to live and with no accountability, often feel lonely and depressed and go back to their addiction. Our goal is to give men and women a place to live after completing a program with the goal of returning to the community as productive, godly members of society. Specifically, we want to help those who have completed a christian substance abuse rehabilitation program stay on the right path to complete restoration by opening up a transitional home were residents will receive continued prayer and discipleship, mentorship, job search assistance, church volunteer opportunities and more!


Our History

Hear how God used two men, a pastor who slept under a bridge and a former drug user/gang member who turned to Christ in prison, to form Bridge To Hope.

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